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Madeline Greenberg M.A.: Energy Therapy: A Spiritual Approach to Emotional Healing

Call: 212-777-5658

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Madeline Greenberg, M.A.
212 777 5658

Spiritual and Religious Journey

Since I was a child, I have been involved with intuitive healing, starting with wounded animals found in my neighborhood. That spread to a desire to help other people.  As a natural mystic who was raised innocent of any religion, I have explored many different paths.  My diversity of experiences helps me to understand my clients’ beliefs and experiences.  I welcome all spiritual and religious paths that give my clients joy and strength, and work with each individual as he or she experiences their Higher Power. What is your path?

My Background

I have been providing therapy and emotional healing since 1984. I have two Master’s degrees in psychology and have done extensive doctoral work in clinical psychology. My youngest client was 6 years old and my oldest was 65. People from all walks of life - men, women and children - have benefited from my work: prominent professionals; homeless people; couples, parents and children; drug addicts; chronically and severely mentally ill individuals; and prison inmates. People of many different ethnic and religious backgrounds have been my clients too, including those with no religious or spiritual interests, such as atheists. My theoretical interests include attachment theory; psychodynamics; inner child work; self psychology; Gestalt and other expressive approaches; personality disorders; family, couple and group dynamics; PTSD; and recovery from trauma. I have published papers in SurvivorShip, a magazine dedicated to survivors of ritual abuse, and the journal of The Society of Catholic Social Scientists. With a partner, I gave a presentation of group process at the International Psychohistorical Association. I taught workshops on seeing and healing the energy fields, both one’s own and that of other people.

Since 1982, I have led numerous workshops in New York City’s parks on how to connect with wild plants as sources of food, healing, tools, and inspiration. I also taught a series of these workshops for the NY Open Center, and was an invited lecturer at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Queens Botanic Garden, as well as appearing on cable TV. I have also taught earth science on field trips with grade school children.


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